About Me

Nkomo PlaceholderNkomo Morris is a New York State-certified Special Education teacher for grades 7-12 with over 10 years of teaching experience.






She’s worked in a variety of educational roles, including:


– as an English teacher at two different NYC prep schools

– as a special education global history teacher

– as a special education U.S. history teacher

– as a tutor at a five-day boarding program for at-risk girls

– as a creative writing teacher at a summer writing program for teens

– as a  creative writing mentor at an after school program for teen girls

– as newspaper and yearbook teacher/adviser


– Curriculum Designer of materials to accompany high school viewings of a documentary film

– Instructional Consultant for development of librarian


– as an admissions counselor

– as the Special Education Dept. Co-Chair

In her spare time, Nkomo teaches her ginger cat Noah to fetch… with mixed success.